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Welcome to the book store! I'm glad that you are so interested in my work and what I have to offer. What you will find here is everything that I have for sale that I have either made or stuff that has my creations on them!

If there is anything that you saw on the site (image wise) that you don't see here email me asap and I'll fix that for you. If you wish to commission me please go to the Order Forms on your left or go here. ^_^ I hope you find everything you're looking for. Also if you have any ideas about what I can do with my work please let me know.

A r t i s t . B o o k s - These books are made by me. Some have paper that I made and some with machine. They are books that come from my heart and my creation. Something small that is becoming big and important to me in my work.

B o o k m a r k s - If its for one of my books or another, find several of my works availible to place on a bookmark!
P r i n t s - Most of my work is availible in prints. Again if there is a piece that you loved and you don't see it here, email me and let me know and we'll get a print for you. ^_^
M e r c h a n d i s e - Thanks to I am able to have my artwork on many things including Greeting cards, postcards, shirts, mugs, posters, and so much more!


New Addition to Gallery
This is the first page of a book that I am designing and the poem it comes from.

Go past the stream, Beyond the Great Maple. Look under stones and leaves, Under all that are able. "Where are you my little friend? Show your wonders to me. I want to feel the air, I want to hear and see." Search inside the trees, Search beside the water. Then you will see my friend, See what you ponder. They are the Monarchs of the Forest, Here on your shoulder. Do not move too fast, Or they will surely flutter.

- Sara Butcher ©